About NALC

NALC is the national body supporting and representing the interests of neighbourhood, parish and town councils in England.

There are currently around 8,500 local councils and 80,000 councillors representing and serving their communities in England. Together, they can be identified as the nation’s single most influential grouping of grassroots opinion-formers.

Working with, and for member local councils and county associations, NALC is actively involved in lobbying government and other organisations at a national level to advance and protect the interests of local councils and their communities. NALC also represents the interests of Welsh community and town councils via One Voice Wales in UK-wide parliamentary and legal matters.

NALC provides advice, guidance and support directly to member local councils through a network of county associations. Individual local councils are members of both the County and National Association. The sovereign body of the National Association is its Annual General Meeting. The policy, strategy, leadership and management of the National Association is determined by its National Council.

National Council comprises one representative from each county association, who must be a serving elected local councillor. A range of committees report to the National Council and have powers delegated to them:

– Executive Committee
– Finance Committee
– Policy Committee
– Larger Local Councils Committee

The National Council and its committees all meet on a quarterly cycle in London.

The forward plan of NALC, its Development Strategy, was agreed and adopted by the Annual General Meeting in 2003.

The key strategic objectives of NALC are:

– developing and improving our service delivery to member local councils;
– developing the role of local councils in local government and in our communities;
– communicating the message about what we do.

NALC’s ten key objectives are:

– excellence in service delivery
– effective levels of resourcing at national, regional, county and local council levels
– support and promotion of local councils’ development
– influencing government policy on the future structure and roles of local government
– securing a common policy voice on national issues
– the establishment of town, parish or community councils across all of England and Wales, in both urban and rural settings including city areas and London
– greater participation and involvement of younger people
– 100% membership of the NALC across local councils
– more coherent organisational structures including effective democratic mechanisms and efficient operational and managerial systems
– a new all-Wales body for local councils in Wales

NALC is committed to supporting and developing the role of local councils so they can represent the communities they serve effectively and be at the forefront of community leadership, empowerment and service delivery.


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