A whistle-stop tour of January…..

…..at our annual meeting of National Council just before Christmas, Councillors Michael Chater and Hazel Williams were elected as Chairman and Vice-Chairman respectively…..one of the first engagements in January for the new Chairman was to meet Councillor Margaret Eaton, Chairman of LGA to discuss areas of mutual interest, notably supporting and improving relationships between the tiers of local government…..the following week I accompanied the Chairman to the LGA New Year Reception at Local Government House…..in giving evidence to a CLG select committee, the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government suggests principal authorities are not making enough use of their well-being power…..while the development of training on the new well being power for eligible local councils is nearing completion and will be launched to CTPs in February, with training sessions for clerks and councillors shortly available…..the Local Democracy and Construction Bill started its passage and completed Committee Stage in the House of Lords…..the consultants brought in from SOLACE to support the current organisational review reported their findings to the Executive Committee…..our first regional conference of the year in York on 21 February sells out (although places are available at the events in London on 10 March and Coventry on 22 April)…..a review of policy formulation and development gets underway…..8 more CTP trainers graduated from our latest Train the Trainer session…..the LGiU launch their blog, including regular updates via Twitter.com…..and my blog posts WILL be more regular for the rest of the year!



  1. Ian Hatton · · Reply

    Good luck with becoming more regular.

  2. Justin Griggs · · Reply

    Thanks Ian, I’ll try!

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