New power of well being for local councils

The statutory guidance on the new well being power for local councils, along with associated training support, was launched at our County Training Partnership event in London last week. This exciting enabling power now comes to the tier of local government closest to the community after much lobbying by NALC and partners such as SLCC.

The new legislation has come into force that extends the power of the promotion of economic, social and environmental well being to local councils. This power has been previously only available to principal local authorities, although they have recently been criticised for not making much use of this power.

Communities, through local councils, will now have greater flexibility to act on their priorities and also to facilitate joint working between local councils and their partners in the private, public and third sectors. This will we expect provide greater opportunities for local councils to improve the quality of life and health of their communities.

More information about training on the new power is available from County Training Partnerships, who will be delivering a specially designed attendance-based training module for local councillors.

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  1. Alex Smith · · Reply

    Good to hear. You may have noticed two big empty sites outside Sevenoaks station today. They were knocked down in the last couple of years purely because the land had a high commercial value for a few years (probably not now). Sevenoaks council to their credit said no to sale/demolition of The Farmers but it went after an appeal. Hopefully more responsibility at local level will mean that important decisions affecting local people aren’t left to outsiders.

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