About NALC

The National Association of Local Councils (NALC) is the recognized membership and support organisation representing and promoting the interests of 9,000 local councils and their 80,000 local councilors in England.

Our vision:

A vibrant, dynamic and effective local council sector making a positive difference to communities and people.

Our mission:

To support and promote local councils, their staff and their councillors.

Our objectives:

  • To develop the role and capacity of our organisation – at national and county level – to secure efficient and effective services for member councils;
  • To promote and communicate what we do – both the role of local councils and their contribution to communities and people, and our work at national and county level;
  • To secure the resources needed to deliver our objectives and deploy them effectively.

    NALC provides support and advice through a network of county associations, which provide a local support service for member councils. This includes providing guidance and information through training, briefings and newsletters, as well as signposting to other sources of information and support. County associations also represent the views of local councils to a wide range of bodies at county and regional level.

    Working with county associations and other important partners such as the Society of Local Council Clerks, we are actively involved in lobbying the Government and other organisations at a national level to advance and protect the interests of local councils.

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